Space Oddity

Happy Thursday Folks !!


The weather in London is pretty nice at the moment (even though it starts to be cold, the  is here everyday).
I wanted to cover this song since ages and finally found the time to set up a session in my bedroom.


So here is my version of Space Oddity  


Summer 2016

Hey folks !


While I’m getting back on the tracks with songwriting and enjoying the summer in London (Yes, there is one  ), I wanted to share with you this video shot some weeks ago of « Can’t Take My Eyes Off You« .



Hope you like it, I can’t wait to share with you some new songs and play some concerts again.


 from London

Pour être deux

I’ve been kind of busy the last few weeks but didn’t forget to record some more songs.


So the third cover of my « 2015 Mixtape » project is from one of my favourite french artist Rose.
She released a new album in 2015 and I fell in love with the song “Pour être deux”.


Here’s my version of it.


[soundcloud id=’248817131′ comments=’false’ artwork=’false’ height=’false’ color=’#e2a2a2′]

Sons & Daughters

Hope you enjoyed your weekend folks !


The second cover is called « Sons and Daughters » and it’s a beautiful song by Allman Brown & Liz Lawrence. I might have listened to this song a thousand times last year and hope I did quite a correct version to honour it.

[soundcloud id=’243583060′ artwork=’false’ height=’false’ color=’#dd9797′]

If you were wondering, all instruments are recorded in one take


Happy New Year

2015 was an incredible year:


* I got my first song played on a radio,
* performed amazing concerts in wonderful venues,
* worked with amazing people
* and created the most beautiful EP so far.


I am blessed and honoured to have had the chance to meet and talk with YOU, wonderful people.


So let’s start 2016 with this little project, I’ve decided to cover the 5 songs I’ve listened the most last year and we start with « Ship to Wreck » from Florence + The Machine.


[soundcloud id=’242445753′ comments=’false’ artwork=’false’ height=’false’ color=’#e5a9a9′]


Happy New Year – Be kind to one another <3